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GravityStripe Subscription Manager

The GravityStripe Subscription Manager turns the Gravity Forms subscription functionality into a robust subscription solution for people using Stripe for credit card processing.

The FREE Gravity Forms subscription manager is available in the WordPress Repository for download. The Pro version, with all the extra features, is available on or by upgrading the free version once you've added it on your website.

Gravity Stripe Basic

Subscriber dashboard, easy cancel and more

Gravity Stripe Pro

Basic + cc update, upgrade/downgrade and more


If your subscribers do not require access to a dashboard or to be able to cancel their subscription on their own, you can use Gravity Forms Pro.

If you need subscribers to have access to their subscription details and to be able to administer their own subscription, you need the Elite version of Gravity Forms.


Display the subscribers dashboard with the following shortcode:

NOTE: Replace the _ with the form id number.

Not sure how to get the form id? Here's is a quick video.

Display the admin only list of ALL subscribers on a page with this shortcode: 

NOTE: Replace the _ with the form id number.

You can also control how many subscribers to show on a page by adding:

per_page=_ after the form id and before the closing ]

Not sure how to get the form id? Here's is a quick video.

Yes, with the free and pro version, the subscriber can cancel their subscription if you enable the option.

Yes, it will update any subscription information updated through GravityStripe.

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